Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

The Hazardville Memorial School Safety Procedures

for Arrival and Dismissal to School

Grades K to 2


Thank you everyone for helping us to keep our Hazardville Memorial School Community SAFE!


At the morning arrival time, buses and vans will enter the North Street entrance and drop off students in the bus drop off area.

At the afternoon dismissal time, buses and vans will enter the North Maple Street entrance and turn right to park in front of cafeteria and pick up students with teacher on duty.
ea in front of the main door entrance with teachers posted on duty to assist with safety.  The 


All parents/guardians will enter the North Maple Street entrance, turn right and drop off and pick up students at the designated sign student drop off and pick up area where the teacher on duty is posted near the gym.  The cars will go out the North Maple Street north (posted) exit.  Since parking is limited, you do not need to park your car, the teacher will be waiting with the students to assist them safely, as you pull up to the designated area to pick them up and drop them off.  ​You will be provided with 2 placards. The placard must be displayed in your front windshield. ​IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PLACARD, YOU WILL NEED TO PARK AND COME INTO THE OFFICE. 



Students walking to school need to stay on sidewalks and cross with the crossing guards.

Bicycle riders (with helmet) need a permission slip from a parent/guardian to ride to school.  AM: Walkers will enter the building through the Main Entrance. 
PM: Walkers will be picked up at Door 5. (Walkers are defined as those students who walk home.) If your child comes to school in a vehicle,  you are expected to drop off in the the AM drop off line.  In the afternoon, the same procedure applies. Please do not park you car and walk across the parking lot to pick up your child. Safety is our number one priority.  


If you are picking your child up early or arriving late to school, please enter the North Street main office entrance (security door bell), park in the main entrance parking lot and sign your child in or out of the building.

Teachers are on duty in the morning at 8:40 am and go into the building at 8:55 am to begin the school day.  If you do not see a teacher on duty, please bring your child into the main office entrance or pick them up in the main office.  


Thank you for your assistance with this. 
Lisa Hunter
Hazardille Memorial School